It is an Honor to Present to You

AWeber's Biggest Secret Weapon:

Commander AJ

Commander AJ is an intergalactic space explorer commissioned by AWeber to create truly out-of-this-world experiences for customers in this universe and beyond.

It's a broadcast! It's an autoresponder!

No, It's Commander AJ!


Commander AJ keeps a close eye on your dashboard, so you can focus on the reports that are most important to you!


Commander AJ helps to make sure your information, and your subscribers', stays confidential.

Spam Blocker

AJ and the AWeber team work to make sure only the people that want your information are subscribed to your mailing list.


Did you know AWeber has the best deliverability in the business? Commander AJ helps scan every email before you send to ensure fewer bounce-backs and more messages delivered.


Your open and click-through rates provide valuable information about your subscribers' activity. This tool helps Commander AJ determine if your campaigns are successful.


With customized delivery hours and trackable performance, Commander AJ helps make sure each of your subscribers — both old and new — gets the attention they deserve.

While the rest of us sleep...

Commander AJ is working hard in a secret lair deep within the AWeber software.

Why? Commander AJ knows that small business owners have enough on their minds — so the Commander is dedicated to connecting people in remarkable ways.

Stay Tuned...

As we follow Commander AJ’s adventures to the far reaches of the universe, sharing expansive knowledge, delivering top-notch support and creating awesome experiences for AWeber customers everywhere.